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Soundcheck lasts for hours from the moment of full readiness of the device.

All equipment must meet the security requirements (ground and so on), and to be commutated according to a stage plan.

Speaker system(P.A)

The total capacity is based on 1000 must
not be less than 8 KW.
Console with 4-lane equalization, 24 channels
minimum. Not Tapco and not Behringer.
4-Pre AUX message.
2-Post AUX promise
Monitor line
a Minimum of 5 floor monitors:
-3 on the vocalists on the scene
-1 for a drummer
-1 for the brass section
- At least 4 independent monitor lines.
-Tube combo-amplifier, or a stack of 30 watt Marshall,
Fender, Mesa Boogie, or similar.
Transistors NOT to OFFER!!
- two sockets with earth connection
- stand for guitar


- Sonor drums 2000,Yamaha,Ludwig,Mapex,Tama or similar.
- bass drum (22" or 24")
- 2 mounted volume (10" and 12")
- 1 floor Tom (16")
- a rack under snare drum
- a rack under hi-hat
- 3 hours under plates type "Crane"
The microphones on the reels are:
- The great drum - specialized dynamic microphone ( Shure Beta 52a, AKG D112 or similar
- Snare - dynamic microphone (preferably - shure sm57)
- Per volume - dynamic or specialized condenser microphone
- Overhage - matched pair of narrow condenser microphones
(Shure sm81 or similar)
- special chair stool for a drummer with adjustable height.
- The installation must be covered with non-slip


Bass combo or stack Ampeg, Ashdown, MarkBass, Gallien&Kruger or similar, with direct-out on the power amplification, with the ability to pick up the signal pre-eq.
- stand for bass guitar



2 microphones on stands for brass (trumpet,trombone).
-2 channel in line to connect the keyboard.
- a rack under the keys.
- 2 dibaca and socket 220 Vс ground.
-1 channel in line to connect the piezo-sensor-Bass
-1 channel in line to connect the loop for saxophone
-3 vocal microphone Shure Sm58 on racks ("Crane")
device time processing - reverb and Delay, desirable features tap tempo.
-At least 5 channels Noise gate and a minimum of 8 channels compression.
-Parametric EQ on master bus and on each monitor line.

This technical rider meets the minimum requirements of the group before the big solo concert or performance in full sound. In the case of acoustic performances or corporate program the technical rider agreed in advance with consideration of all possibilities of location of the event or concert.

If You have technical questions about the scene, tools and equipment, contact:

Nikita Alamin, sound - cantimaginethename@gmail.com,  +7  (911) 103-21-97
Konstantin Dunaevsky , the soloist of group - dunaevskiy1987@mail.ru


10 bottles of mineral water without gas 0.5
Two towels