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KONSTANTIN DUNAEVSKY - vocals, bass, bass guitar, guitar,lyrics.

GULNARA GILYAZOVA - vocals, percussion.


GIVI SARGSYAN - trumpet, keyboards.



And also:

REZNIKOV ALLA ABRAMOVNA - producer, Director, group 

NIKITA ALAMIN - the sound

"DUNAEVSKY ORCHESTRA plays live music of the highest standard with Russian texts - nuclear mix of rock-n-roll, pop, jazz, ska, pop music, without the framework of genres, styles, directions.

The team has just won its audience, starting to speak in a traditional "rock-a Thistle " and solo concerts in clubs of St. Petersburg. The group is already a rather large list of performances in big venues of St. Petersburg and Moscow: "Waiting Room", "Aurora", "B2", "Music Hall", "Da:Da", "Fish Fabrique", "The Place", and other All songs are performed in Russian. In addition to his own songs the group's repertoire is replenished cover versions of famous songs from Valery Leontiev to Duft punk.

All the musicians have higher musical or theatrical education - that helps a competent and diverse arrange their own material, to create a first-class songs and turn every performance of the group in the show.

The frontman of the group, Konstantin Dunaevsky is one of the leading young artists of the St. Petersburg Youth theatre on Fontanka, and vocalist Gulnara Gilyazova graduated from the Saint - Petersburg state University of culture and arts. Having two vocalists turns almost every song in a special dialogue of the young man and girls.

"Make people happy" - tradegroup. To distract everyone from their own problems and everyday hustle and bustle. Professionalism, drive, energy - that's what awaits each viewer on speech "Dunaevsky Orchestra". Let's dance with us!

"Dunaevsky ORCHESTRA - the winner of the contest "Recognition"-2012 (nomination "Musical creativity"); group won second place at the Russian final of the festival "Emergenza" (June 2013), and was privileged to perform the closure of the St. Petersburg film festival (September 2012 and 2013).