aaaaaaaaaa my pee pee stuck in drawer

2022.01.25 08:16 Qumalo aaaaaaaaaa my pee pee stuck in drawer

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2022.01.25 08:16 andervf A change in my trek domane

Hi, everyone, I'm new to this sub. I have a trek domane of 2014 and I want to make change in it to make it a gravel tipe bicycle. Is it possible? How can I do that? Thank you
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2022.01.25 08:16 -DeputyKovacs- Hoping my flair is the right one

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2022.01.25 08:16 nf_highlights JT Thor : All Possessions (2022-01-23)

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2022.01.25 08:16 HJenkinsRSN Drew McIntyre's Mind Was Blown When He Learned About His Royal Rumble Win

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2022.01.25 08:16 chinkyfilipina I had enough of everything. My life is shit and going nowhere.

Hello. This is my first time writing on this group. I would like to introduce myself, I am a female, 30 year old Chinese born in the Philippines to second generation chinese whose parents are immigrants from China.
When I was pre-school age I was often shouted, spank and beaten by mom even til high school. She would punch me in the arm for failing an test or during math tutorials as I have difficulty understanding the subject which turn to bruise and she would show it to her siblings that she did that and would laugh mockingly as she says it because I am is slow witted and unruly. While my dad will spank for the same reason. Both of them will shout and call me stupid, moron and hopeless even until this very day. Add to that I am also bullied in school that is why I have low self esteem. My mother still hits me sometimes even at my age. They expect their child to be smart just like our neighbors whose 6 kids are on the honor roll and graduated with honors but all of them worked in the family business as they won't get rich working for companies. The eldest son worked as an accounting professor at a reputable university but their grandma complained why he just wanted to become a teacher in rhe end he quit and also complain about another grandson who wanted to become a doctor as she wanted they become businessmen at the end the younger one became a lawyer.
I know all of you will told me it is easier said to move out. After college, I worked for our furniture business. My father didn't gave any wage and I worked 7 days a week no dayoff. But he would go out if he pleases during saturdays and sunday while all of us tend to the store. My mom gave P12,000($240) a month salary. Then the workers started to get unruly and we don't earn good amount of money like before so we closed the business. I applied for work in a company and worked there for 5 years then covid19 hit and I was laid off. I was told I don't need to work as I am a female, as male should be the one to strive hard. The problem is that as they get older they get more cranky and they cannot change their behaviors. For instance, my dad wants everything is laid perfectly in front of him like the apps in his tablet, his food and so on or else we get earful of criticisms from him. Also he is thinks workers are beneath him especially filipino workers.My mom is a know it all and always criticizing. Both of them are also rascist. Both of them are unreliable when I want open up with them instead they would blame me that I have a bad attitude. Sure but my bad attitude stems to them being narcistic parents. Yes they provided everything but they didn't provided love and assurance. I am so sick to add to that even though money might not be a problem. I think I am utter failure. I am no boyfriend since birth. Somebody arranged my to meet men. I have met 4 of them. 3 ghosted me and 1 was wasn't approved by my parents. 1 of them got married while 3 of them are still single up to this very day.
My parents when in a good mood will tell me that it is alright as it is complicated but whenever they are angry they will tell me that men could sense I am an awful person. I have very low self-confifence that is hindering me to look for a job and I am kinda afraid of rejection.
My life is shit. I think there is no solution to my problem sometimes I want to just caught covid19 and die.
I am sorry for my so called sad life. Positive and negative comments are welcome and will be truly appreciated. Also sorry for his very long post. Thank you for your patience and understanding🙏.
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2022.01.25 08:16 BryggerHeise Numerological day analysis of 25-1–2022 14/5 Charity/ Expansion, Order, Fulness, Adventure and Freedom

Numerological day analysis of 25-1–2022 14/5 Charity/ Expansion, Order, Fulness, Adventure and Freedom Inspired by your inner happiness, you want to be charitable today - loving the other like you love yourself. If you strike the right ‘charity’ balance, you will have feelings of expansion, order, fulness, adventure and freedom. Share some happiness today and feel the charity and the expansion that it contains.

25-1–2022 14/5 Charity/ Expansion, Order, Fulness, Adventure and Freedom
Inner Happiness - Charity - Expansion
Spirit: 25 Inner Happiness
Soul: 1 First Emanation of Spirit; God’s number; Inspiration, Ability to lead
Body: 22 Mystic
The sum total of today is 14: Charity. You want to live charity through the inner happiness of your spirit, your soul’s inspiration and your body's mystical experiences.
One major theme underlines your quest for charity. ‘Expansion of Self-Awareness’
Blue 222- Red 1: Axis of Expansion of Self-Awareness
The axis of inner awakening and leadership drives the axis of the expansion of self-awareness. The challenge is to answer the quintessential question: “WHO AM I?’ As It is the second dominant axis in the Pentagram after the central axis, it is imperative in the 15 Pentagram that you work on the expansion of your self-awareness. The two opposing principles are the ‘Healing and Salvation number’ coming from the spiritual level to join with the ‘Visionary’ coming from the physical level. So working on the expansion of your self-awareness brings healing and salvation on the spiritual level which could translate into visionary powers on the physical level. Remember that the 2-7 axis is also called the psycho-somatic axis. If you fail or refuse to work on your self-awareness, it will have its effects on the physical body. Either making you feel depressed, without energy or even allow illnesses to grow.
Healing and Salvation number
Positively your Power -Force drives your Intuition and creates healing and salvation. Negatively it may shatter your intuition completely. The earthly-physical power may at times not accord at all with intuition on the spiritual level. It is a difficult number to live. The solution lies in its sum: When you use the feminine receptive side of you, you may be able to bring those two principles together.
‘Visionary’ is the higher dimension of ‘Insight, the Inner Rising Sun, the new dawn of awareness. Being the visionary, you start to understand -on a physical level here- the spiritual relationships and their origins.
The balance of these two principles lies in their sum: ‘Factor of Justice; Master’. It is the turnaround of the RuleJudge energy and it demands that Self-Awareness guides the Mind. Being a “Master” means having the awareness of being the Co-Creator of one’s own life. It has at its core the healing and salvation part of this axis.
Remember that there is no scientific all-encompassing answer as to Who or What or Why you are. In itself it is a Zen Koan and only you know if you have found the right answer. You do when you the answer resonates with your deep inner feeling of Justice and Mastery.
Levels of awareness’
Your physical awareness is high today. It is obtained through the ‘Ascending Prophet’ and the ‘Visionary’. It gives you the awareness to intuitively live your Divine Sexuality. When you doubt your Divine Sexuality it may turn into a rigid frame of mind around ethics and morals, stiffling your life energy. The level also gives you the awareness of expanding healing and salvation as well as transformative renewal.
Your physical awareness is further enhanced today by the connection to the 1st principle. It wants you to expand your serving, healing and aiding of others and yourself, with mastery and power at its core.
Note: If your birthday is today, the topics described above are your topics for 2022. Should a baby be born on this day, then today’s themes are the baby’s life-themes.
See you (virtually) :
(Nl) Werkgroep: 4 Februari 2022
(D) Arbeitskreis 11 Februari 2022
Photo credit:
For a full explanation of the numbers and how to read the Pentagram become my patron on
Or have a look at my website:
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Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.25 08:16 Nohan07 Un homme fait une chute mortelle au bassin des Aigrettes à Saint-Gilles

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2022.01.25 08:16 creator112 As a subject of Her Majesty, I am duty bound to post our fashion to the sub

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2022.01.25 08:16 airmaximus88 I bloody love this game! More challenges, please Mr Mulligan! <3

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2022.01.25 08:16 nf_highlights Anfernee Simons 19 PTS: All Possessions (2022-01-23)

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2022.01.25 08:16 PointMan97 The Jackal Guards (Beta Reading) Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Beyond the Bamboo Curtain Mustahil, Shabelle River Basin, Ethiopian Highland
June 29th, 2025, 20:45 Hours
The rumbling of armored vehicles rattled soils and gravels as they sped through the sandy countryside. Under the starry night sky, the Jackal Guards advanced as though they were under a shroud of invisibility. Horus sat in his humvee with Temujin and Roxanna as they drove up the road heading towards the Ant-Hill. The convoy they led turned their lights off and navigated using the starry night sky and their own night visions.
The security elements were Ethiopian exiled troops that Chima could gather. While lacking heavy weapons in abundant quantities, they made up for it with their knowledge of the terrain. On high, they set up observation posts for artillery spotters. On the road, they set up checkpoints to keep the route open. Around them were the roars or howitzers from both sides trading shots and counter batteries at each other.
"Words from the Scribe said enemy SAMs are still active in the area. So that limited our air support options. The Ant-Hill is the prime real-estate for enemy radar-guided SAMs and MANPADs." Horus briefed them. "So we have to slog in and smoke them out." Temujin sighed out. He sounded exasperated and nervous about the prospect.
"That's right. We have to slog through and burn it down. The Ethiopian lack heavy weapons, so it's up to us as the shock troops." Horus concluded. The convoy soon heard the howling sound of rocket artillery as rounds came down on the highway. "Get off the road! Dismount, dismount!" Horus shouted as his driver swiveled the wheel and stopped just off the road, allowing him, Roxanna, and Temujin to dismount. The Sobek IFVs of their convoy quickly stopped and scattered to either side of the road. Their passengers dismounted and scrambled into bombed-out craters.
Inquisitor Ramesses ran up to Horus and crouched down next to him, accompanied by Rezat and Archer. "I bet they got every inch of this road dialed in. But even so, the speed suggests there's an enemy lookout nearby." The Inquisitor noted, cringing at the occasional mortar shell detonating near their position. "Above or below?" Horus asked. The Inquisitor grunted when another mortar shell rumbled the ground close to them. "Below. Close by but shielded from air and artillery strikes." He pointed over to a nearby village across the Shebelle River, where a mosque was by the riverbanks.
The prayer tower was the perfect spot for observation as it had the height and line of sight overlooking the highway. Horus huffed out, looking at the mosque. His falcon optic zoomed in and picked out the silhouette of a sniper using a bullpup QBU-88 sniper rifle. The sniper had yellow skin and narrow slanted eyelids. Next to him was a spotter with his hand on his earpiece relaying information to mortars and artillery protecting the Ant Hill.
Ramesses then rallied up the troops and kept the assault formation going into the town of Mustahil. He directed the first tank platoon to form the steel wedge of the spear's tip, the infantry on the flanks and behind screening the tanks as they come to hull-down positions and provide defilade fire.
The infantry squads maneuvered to clear out the enemy spider holes and garrisoned houses. Behind them, the battalion mortars and howitzers were setting up for fire missions. Snipers and observers under the command of Rezat and Archer set up on high points to provide valuable intel and overwatch for the infantry assault squads. The Ethiopians were eager to join in as one of their battalions came to assist in assaulting the town. Their armored transports suppressed enemy fighters in Mustahil using a mix of .50 cal machine guns and autocannons. They dared not fancy the use of mortars and artillery shells. Craters and debris might make more hiding spots for their enemies.
Back at Horus, he had his forces gathered close enough to the riverbed before sending out an apparition of him to scout the terrain. The translucent phantom marked the ground close to the abandoned town as their landing zone as it glowed with an intense, radiant light, almost like the sun. Horus and his platoon soon teleported on-site before they began to assault the town. They began to assault the abandoned town with their MG teams setting up a defilade firing position while the Sobek IFVs suppressed the enemy machine gunners.
Horus and Roxanna led Temujin towards the mosque with their other squads covering their approach and slowly cordoning and clearing out one section at a time. The sniper on the tower was taken off guard and startled when the enemies were already on the edge of town. He quickly fired his rifle at Horus and his troops, only to see the bullets bounced off the robots with scratches on their armor while they reeled and scrambled for cover.
Temujin dived for cover before aiming his grenade launcher at the tower and fired off a 40mm round. The 40mm round detonated in airburst mode, showering the sniper and his spotter with airborne shrapnel, killing them with a thousand cuts. Their corpses hung on the railing of the tower with blood dripping down their uniform and tattered arms. Horus and Roxanna approached the mosque and stacked up by the doorway with their wolves.
One of the wolves kicked down the door, and Roxanna tossed in a flashbang, stunning whoever was inside. They heard screams and shouts in Mandarin and knew who was manning this particular lookout. They stormed into the mosque, moving to the edges of the room before crossing their field of fires and shooting. The uniformed PLA troops got gunned down in practically no time at all, with Roxanna taking point on the right side while another wolf opposite of her.
They soon heard another barrage of rocket artillery, this one came closer to their position at the mosque, but most of the howling rockets slammed into the river. "We must be on top of them. They're damn desperate to get rid of us." Roxanna mused as she went downstairs along a spiral staircase to the basement.
The gold eagle princess heard the sound of Chinese Mandarin chatters downstairs and the radio static sounds that her robot communication began to pick up. Stacking up by the door frame and glancing into the antechamber, she saw a command post with a radio set and operators using it with a map as they attempted to call in another rocket artillery barrage. Not wanting to give them time, she tossed in a frag grenade, blowing them up in one go, leaving behind a splintered table, burned maps, torn and bloody limbs on the dirt.
Roxanna led the way, clearing through the short tunnel and emerging at the other end of town, allowing Horus to regroup with her. One of the wolves then tossed down a satchel charge already primed for detonation. "Fire in the hole!" He shouted before scrambling for cover behind a large rock. A booming explosion rumbled through the tunnel and brought down a portion of the town's riverside area. Horus hugged Roxanna tenderly, patting her back before nuzzling her beak briefly. "That's my girl. Now onto the Ant Hill." He said.
Temujin saw the Ant Hill as the large mound and hill west of Mustahil with machine-gun nests, trench lines, tunnels dotted its top and slopes. There were also self-propelled guns jutting out of the bunkers looking at the road. "We're going up against that?" Temujin asked out of dread. "Yes, we are. If we don't, more of our brothers are going to die. Now let's move!" Horus reminded him. Before pushing them to keep up the momentum.
Far away from the frontline, back at the mobile command post vehicle of the Iron Wolves' HQ element, the Scribe was looking at the hologram display of the operation. The strategic overhead view showed him the sighted enemies appear in red hologram representations of them and their weapons.
The Jackal Guards were represented in gold diamond icons and their allies in emerald green moving about on the map. The Ethiopians moved in their infantry battalion with four-wheeled armored vehicles to assault the town of Mustahil. But the Jackal Guards had the job of covering their flanks and shadowing them on the high grounds. Temujin and his dismounted squad were slogging uphill to the west of Mustahil as they tried to penetrate the enemy defensive lines. The wolves found the enemy trenches zigzagging along the edge of town with camouflaged fortifications, MG nests to pin the Ethiopian troops on the road.
"Get in there and clear out those trenches! Go go!" Their sergeant commandingly barked. Temujin was the first to jump into the trench line and followed it, finding enemy fighters scrambling to fighting positions. Many of them opened fire on him, bouncing bullets off his armor plates, scratching his shoulder and cuirass plates. Assault rifles and light machine guns naturally did little to damage him. Temujin returned the favor with bursts of automatic fire from his rifle, splintering body parts and wooden beams, painting walls red with blood and gore. "Temujin, take point and clear the trench line! Let's go! Our armors need our help!" The sergeant hastened. Temujin and his fellow wolves continued their assault through the trench line, tossing grenades overhead, waiting for a deafening boom before following up with an assault element to clear the bombarded portion.
Accompanying them were combat engineers armed with M202 Napalm rocket launchers. When their assault troop counterparts cleared the way through, they would then set up their M202 Flashes and launch a warhead at the bunkers' entry point. From Horus' perspective, he saw explosions followed by fiery fireballs, SPLF militants jumped or crawled out of their enclosed infernos. Their corpses were charred and burned as they rolled on the ground. Many of them began to melt away into tunnels and spider holes scattered around, hopefully, to regroup closer to the Ant Hill.
Temujin searched through the trench and found what appeared to be a dead-end with an abandoned HJ-12 ATGM launcher and warhead. Horus caught up with him and helped him comb the area using their X-Ray visions for potential tunnels. Roxanna kicked and moved camouflage dirt and sand aside, revealing a wooden tunnel entrance. "Spider hole." She called out. Horus then grabbed a grenade and pulled the pin, tossing it into the spider hole. They ran back away, waiting for the grenade to detonate, blowing out a portion of the tunnel.
Once the grenade cleared out a section of the tunnel, Horus came over and saw smoggy red pastes on the wall with mangled corpses around the blast. Temujin handed his rifle to Roxanna before pulling out his pistol from the thigh compartment. "Stay safe, Temujin. You'll never know what they have in store." Roxanna cautioned him, to which he smiled and nodded. "I will, your highness." He replied. “Go with Amun Ra, Temujin.” Horus uttered his blessing before gesturing to the others to prep their own recon sweeps of the tunnels.
"Horus, SIGINT has intercepted something urgent. Patching it to your coms now." The Scribe then swipes the screen to bring up the SIGINT finding and push the red glowing audio speaker symbol to Horus. The crown prince soon heard a flurry of Mandarin Chinese chatter going back and forth at each other. On his HUD were subtitles from translation software. While not entirely accurate, it was enough to get the gist.
"Red Star! We're taking a pounding at Mustahil! A brigade-size enemy force has made a determined attack on our position. Need immediate reinforcement now!" The radio operator screamed profusely.
"Understood Fort Quin Shi Huangdi, scrambling the 11th Tank Regiment to relieve your position now. Hang on and fight hard. Don't let the enemies through." The radio operator on the other end calmly replied.
Horus knew that at this point, his forces were racing against the clock to secure the Ant Hill and reorient themselves to fight off a counterattack. He gritted his teeth, frowned, and a scowl developed as he looked at the enemy's hill-top fortress with its smatter of fortifications still firing. "Scribe, how much time do we have before their reinforcements arrive?" His question got the Scribe pinched at the map to zoom out. The dark robot ibis panned the map around before finding an enemy force moving out from the city of Gode, the provincial capital.
"ETA: 3 hours from now. Better secure the Ant Hill or, better yet, level it." The Scribe uttered. He then zoomed in on the assembling 11th Tank Regiment, finding their formations to be made up of various Type-99 and Type-96 main battle tanks. Other support elements were PLZ-05 Howitzers and Type-95 SPAAGs and SAMs. Their infantry rode in a plethora of APCs and IFVs towards the frontline. "We'll need more firepower. And I know who to call." He concluded. The Scribe quickly made a few taps on the communication network display and zoomed out to the nearby nodes of US and French Air, Navy, and Marine forces in the Horn of Africa region. He tapped on their symbols and entered authentication protocols with his talons, each hand handling a different screen. Being ambidextrous had its perks.
First to answer was Camp Lemonnier's Marine commandant, alongside his French and Japanese counterparts from Allied Djibouti's garrison. The other is a US Navy admiral and Carrier Strike Group commander. They all joined in a conference video call on secure channels, but all appeared wary of the Scribe's sight. "Who or what the hell are you? State your name and purpose." The Marine commandant asked first. The Scribe stood unfazed and replied. "Abyssal Scribe of the Jackal Guards. Current liaison of Crown Prince Horus, I call upon you to offer support that we need to hold fast."
His reply was met with a skeptical glance from the navy admiral of the USS John F. Kennedy carrier strike group. "Hold up! What's going on right now? I'm getting reports from AFRICOM that your... Jackal who?- are engaged with Al-Shabaab militants and Chinese PLA troops? In Ethiopia?" The admiral's skepticism was reasonable and was met with a similarly weary sentiment from the Marine commandant. "With respect, our intel is very sketchy at the moment. We know that fighting is going on with satellite and drone sorties. But we don't know whether or not we should participate in your operation." the commandant replied, albeit in a more respectful tone.
"Very well, allow me to enlighten you." The Scribe uttered. He then began to fill them in on the cliff-note version of what was happening. Slowly, their astonishment and concerns turned to awe-struck horror and startling realization. They began to pass the orders down their chain of commands, putting combat squadrons and flights on standby and directing logistic flights to the Jackal Guards forces. The Scribe watched with an amused smirk developed on his face. "All in good times." He uttered.
"Scribe, report!" Horus urgently called. The Scribe could hear gunshots and automatic weapon staccato echoing in the background. The loud reverberation suggested that he was indoor. "Supports secured, we have USS John F. Kennedy fighter bombers on standby as our panic button. The French Armee de l'air will provide their Dassault Rafales for air superiority coverage. But bottom line, take out Ant Hill." The Scribe briefed, and Horus nodded in agreement.
Temujin was now fighting through a labyrinth of tunnels and interconnected antechambers inside the Ant Hill. He had his pistol in hand as he slowly made his way through the dark and cramp tunnel. There was enough room for him to crouch, albeit he still had to bend forward slightly. His enemies hid behind boxes, tight corners, and narrow chokepoints, making ideal ambush spots on him up close. But they had to chance it with their lamps and torches, as they had no night vision goggles. They had to choose to either reveal themselves or hide and be killed.
Temujin saw one of the fighters attempting to crawl away. He fired his pistol on the target, dropping him with a shot to the back. The other fighters risked firing wildly at him with their Type-56 rifles. The flashes and sparks flew as bullets bounced off his cuirass, sending him staggering back into the wall. Temujin quickly fired his shot at the fighter's chest cavity and repeatedly tapped the enemies inside. The adrenaline rush came to an end momentarily. Temujin swapped his mag with a full pistol magazine in his thigh compartment.
Temujin saw one of the fighters attempting to crawl away. He fired his pistol on the target, dropping him with a shot to the back. The other fighters risked firing wildly at him with their Type-56 rifles. The flashes and sparks flew as bullets bounced off his cuirass, sending him staggering back into the wall. Temujin quickly fired his shot at the fighter's chest cavity and repeatedly tapped the enemies inside.
The adrenaline rush came to an end momentarily. Temujin swapped his mag with a full pistol magazine in his thigh compartment. It appeared that he had just cleared an enemy underground barracks judging by the hammocks hung around the place. He continued and found more storage sheds and canteen, kitchens, classrooms. The latter of which had a photo of Mao Zedong hung on top of the chalkboard.
Temujin soon noticed Horus linking up with him at a nearby antechamber, a much more spacious area with boxes and crates of ammo, diesel barrels. "Sir! The barracks this way are clear. So we're going to blow this shit hole up?" Temujin asked, getting up to his feet before popping his joints. Horus nodded and handed him back his rifle with some fresh magazines to top off. "We are. And you're coming with us. I'll take points, so take five soldiers you earned." Horus assured Temujin. He patted Temujin's shoulder, sending a rush of rejuvenating energy into Temujin. It felt like a second wind for the robot and those around Horus.
The remaining SPLF fighters melted further into the Ant-Hill, the armory and main combat bunker overlooking the town. They set up barricades and PK machine guns with heavy-duty floodlights to overwhelm the robots' night vision modes. Horus and his troops learned to use only their normal vision modes and let their eyes adjust to the darkness, waiting for the enemy to make the first moves before opening fire. The militants inside the tunnels used their handheld laser blinding devices to keep the robots from acquiring their targets. Horus and Roxanna, in turn, utilized smoke grenades to disperse the laser's effectiveness.
Before following it up with a hand grenade to flush them out. Temujin eventually came across what appeared to be an armory's ammo cache. The room was stacked to its ceiling with crates worth of SPGs, RPG warheads, mines, grenades, plastic explosives, even some flamethrowers. Other ammo available was QW MANPADs and infantry weapons ammo. "Boss, we got enemy ammo cache right here. One grenade should be enough, but I'm all out." Temujin spoke with an exhausted tone as he looked up and down at the plethora of explosive materials.
"We could always lend a hand from theirs," Roxanna replied, patting the wolf's back. She then went to work grabbing some of the plastic explosive charges and planting them on barrels of combustible materials. With the explosives in the armory, Roxanna wagered she could blow the hilltop into a volcano mouth. "Charges set! Get clear!" Roxanna shouted as they began to run back the way they came.
The wolves fanned out from the hillside tunnel entry, with Roxanna and Horus behind them. The eagle princess hit the switch on the detonator and blew the entire hilltop off. A booming explosion sent chunks of soils, gravels, and rocks flying into the air before falling on the ground. Charred black earth and splinters fell on and around them as they slowly looked up at the remains of the hill. The radar array and SAMs rolled downhill as twisted and deformed metal chunks.
"Ant Hill is neutralized! I repeat! The Ant Hill is neutralized! Moving to set up a defensive perimeter now!" Horus announced on the radio, prompting his forces to make a roaring victory celebration. The rest of the brigade moved along the B90 highway towards the town, setting up their forward operating base there along with LZs for MEDEVAC. Roc Eagle VTOLs began to fly sorties back and forth, ferrying supplies and evacuating casualties to and from the town.
"Alright guys, listen up! We got three hours to set up a defensive line to stop a Chinese counterattack." Horus announced to the gathered commanding officers. Some enlisted nearby, like Temujin, appeared exhausted and demoralized when they heard another Chinese assault was coming their way. "Do we get to rest a little, sir?" Temujin exasperatedly inquired. "You'll have 20 minutes. But after that, dig your own foxhole." Horus nonchalantly replied.
"With respect, Your Majesty, what exactly are we looking at?" Ramesses skeptically cautioned. While he knew that an enemy counterattack was inevitable, the knowledge of enemy composition could tilt the odds. He saw Horus putting down a hologram projector, displaying the map of where they were and the incoming Chinese forces. "Tanks. A bad mix for this terrain. They don't have much ground to maneuver, and into the town, they'll be prey to our infantry." Ramesses mused, seeing Horus nod.
"That's the plan. We'll use the hills and ridgelines to ambush them as they head down the road. We'll also position our troops to swarm in on their flanks. They panic, then they'll break." Horus stated. He then used his talon to draw movement symbols for their tanks to take up firing positions on the hilltops. Other units like infantry squads armed with ATGMs were positioned along the ridgelines and fighting positions close to the road. Their airborne forces, the most mobile thanks to Roc Eagle VTOLs, were the reserve. "Those guys are our hammer, the armor, and Ethiopian auxiliaries are the Anvil. We'll trap them and destroy them."
"Sounds like a plan. What if it goes wrong?" Roxanna cautioned. She saw Horus glancing over his shoulder at her as the falcon tapped some symbols to reveal their support assets. "We have the US, French Air, and Naval assets coming to provide air support. They'll resupply us and bombard the Chinks since they hired us. Arclight air raids need us on the ground to stop the enemy from moving around too much." Horus then gestured for them to take their positions and dig in.
Rezat set up an observation post on the remains of Ant Hill with Archer. Their position had fresh infantry squads with ATGMs to reinforce their positions. Roxanna and Horus were on an opposite hill, overlooking the highway. Sekhmet tanks took up firing positions on the hilltop overlooking the road. The other hill opposite them had a smaller tank section, backed up by Anti-Tank vehicles armed with ATGMs. The tanks positioned themselves cresting on the elevation to reinforce the positions while battalion mortars and regimental howitzers set up in the rear, closer to town. Supply convoys began to race in and out of town to ferry supplies for the battered Ethiopian troops and the exhausted Jackal Guards formations that needed refit and repairs.
Horus, in the meantime, took a walk with Ramesses into the town of Mustahil to inspect the damages done. They noticed a disturbing lack of civilian population in the settlement. Passing by bullet-riddled houses, charred streets, and piles of rubbles from grenades, Horus and Ramesses saw no civilians passing by. Not even a mother cradled her infant baby, no cries of children asking for comfort. "Ramesses, do you think the civilians..." Horus trailed off, to which his Inquisitor shook his head.
"No, my lord. If they had run for refugee camps in Somalia, Chima would have known long ago." Ramesses asserted. As they came to the town's central mosque, the structure appeared to have been torn by a cannon shell. Possibly by a tank, odd, they had no recording of their tank shelling the building. Inside, they found half-buried remains of Ethiopian soldiers holding a twisted and mangled RPG-7 launcher. "Decomposition suggested that this one died roughly two years ago. When the coup occurred." Ramesses examined the corpse. He found a dehydrated human husk with flesh and skin preserved by the arid condition. On a second look, much of the town was humbled long before they arrived. If anything, the town's populace either ran for Somalia or worse. The lack of unburied civilian corpses suggested the latter, and neither of the robots liked it.
23:45 Hours
The Chinese 11th Tank Regiment traveled in a long armored column towards Mustahil. At Ar Scrivel, they divided their forces into the frontline tank and infantry groups. The reserve forces were placed in the rear to defend their artillery and guard their supply depots. "Comrade Colonel Zhang, we have the advantage in firepower from both our artillery and air force. Our enemies no doubt have taken casualties in their advance. So we should be facing a battered and depleted enemy force." The Major stated as he went over the map layouts of the battlespace.
"Says who?" The colonel asked. Colonel Zhang had heard of the Jackal Guards and studied their combat engagements since words of their activities in the Congo reached his ears. He knew full well his job was beyond his league. Against a determined, technologically advanced foe with local support meant that no amount of firepower would be enough to dislodge them. In contrast, he looked at the Major and saw the gleaming eyes radiating with ambition at the colonel's stripe. His men didn't fare any better, as they were conscripts who didn't want to be here. Their officers were horrendously corrupt. And their weapons, equipment were of poor quality that failed continuously.
He had an airborne regiment to reinforce him on orders from Major General Kong. The mobility would help his tanks and he needed it. Their situation also didn't help with the terrain bottlenecking them into a single open field northwest of Mustahil. Still, he must throw his troops to the fray or be dismissed. And that alone wasn't the worst of his nightmare. "I want probing attacks along the ridgeline with our infantry. Our armor will be chewed up inside the town. So they're of no use to us here. What I wouldn't give for two battalions of infantry at this point."
The major and his colonel then went over their assault plans before passing them down the chain of commands. The Chinese commenced their bombardment on Mustahil with their PLZ-05 howitzers. Steel rains of HE shells dropped on the wolves and their Ethiopian allies like a vicious monsoon. Houses and blocks were reduced to rubble in an instant. Not even the central mosque of the town survived the bombardment. Craters began to pop up along the roads and riverbeds as splashes of water appeared and cascaded. With poor visibility at night, the PLA forward observers and spotters had their work cut out for them; as they tried to dial in the correct coordinates and adjustments.
The howitzers of the Jackal Guards returned the favor with slower but more accurate counter-battery barrages. Their SIGINT listened in on enemy radio transmissions and pinpointed the precise location of enemy command posts and artillery pieces. Rezat and Archer commanded recon drones soaring close to enemy positions, spotting enemy artillery pieces. They would then lase the targets to relay accurate coordinates to their howitzers. The retaliatory barrages came across the river valley and found their marks, reducing the PLZ-05 pieces to charred and mangled wrecks.
The PLA soon returned the favor with their rocket artillery barrages suppressing a vast area in the rear of the Jackal Guards. Waves upon waves of rockets blasted the roads and sandy landscape to pieces, churning up holes and rendering the highways unserviceable. The colonel then gave the go-ahead for his vanguard elements to assault the town of Mustahil. As they came towards the settlement, Sekhmet tanks cresting on the hilltops unload their rounds on the Chinese ZTZ-99A2 tanks first. The 120mm shells struck home, blowing their turrets flying into the air. Other shots assailed the ground, short of their targets. Even this alone caused the Chinese tanks to hit the brakes. The abrupt loss of momentum severely affected them as their steel horses ground to a halt. Their wheels flew off after the nuts and bolts snapped. Their treads snapped and fell to the ground, leaving them immobile.
The smaller tank section on the eastern ridge would then take their potshots on the stranded enemy tanks and IFVs. Blowing them to smithereens and twisted wrecks in rapid succession, one of the ZTZ-99 swung its turret at the Sekhmet tank and fired. The shot connected, knocking out the Jackal Guards tank, one of the crew bailed out as his vehicle began to catch fire and burned, cooking off the ammo and fuel. The tank destroyer ATGM vehicle launched a single Javelin missile at the ZTZ-99. The missile struck the turret's rooftop, blowing it to pieces in a single hit. And yet, despite their positional advantage and their superior technology, they were facing a larger foe. Naturally, ammunition would become their biggest concern.
"Rezat here, I lost one tank on my pos, my AT should hold the line, but there's a lot of Chinese coming down the road!" Rezat urgently reported. He was ducking down in his foxhole to relay the report before immediately emerging to fire off his RPG-7V2 at an incoming Chinese APC, killing it instantly. "Falcon-6 here, I hear you! Hold the line. I'll see if I can suppress them with air and artillery support." Horus replied as he scanned the battlefield with his robot optics. Still feeling sore from the laser dazzler device, he saw the long line of burning vehicle husks and mangled corpses fuzing to the metal or hanging out of their vehicle doors. Barely identifiable at that.
Horus turned to Roxanna, who was next to him on the Ant Hill, "Roxy, can you take the airborne and slam their flanks? Rezat could use some backups." She nodded and headed off to take command of the airborne troops.
"Airwolf, this is Eagle Maiden. Stranglehold! I repeat, stranglehold!" She shouted over the coms to the airborne command network. Back at the staging FOBs, where their airborne forces were located, their VTOL crafts and stealth gunships fired up their engines and spooled up their rotors, ready for deployment to the front. The troops there had a distinct maroon red color to their armor with black outlines. They boarded their transport crafts and strapped their lines tight. To engage enemy armor, they brought Carl Gustaf M3s recoilless guns. They began to take off and fly at ground-hogging altitude, assuming V formation as they headed towards the inferno. Roxanna scrambled to the air and linked up with them as they came into sight, leading them around the river valley to begin their insertion.
Over at the Chinese side, their tanks and APCs were down to a third of their strength. Their infantry was pinned and barely able to reclaim the town of Mustahil and its heights. Even with the volume of artillery they put out, it was a treacherous slog that saw them marching up the slope, beaten back, rinse and repeat. The Major watched with apprehension and frustration. "Colonel Zhang, our men are still unable to take the height! Major General Kong will find this shortcoming as grounds for your removal!" He snapped to the colonel and barraged him with a flurry of criticism. The political commissar saw the colonel snap at him with an intense glare.
"Major, I'm glad that the Communist Party displays genuine concerns for the effectiveness of its soldiers. Therefore, you may head out there to the front and lead the men yourself to take the height." The colonel stated, and the Major turned pale in an instant. The colonel's staff then escorted the commissar to a jeep bound for the front. Good riddance, the colonel thought. He can now content himself with organizing a proper retreat from the town and cutting his losses. His reinforcement can take the casualties as far as he was concerned.
His fortune seemed to change for the better when he saw his reinforcements begin to arrive. Z- 10 gunships and Z-9 utility helicopters arrived in force to flank the Jackal Guards defenses. They flew around to the far sides of the battlefield and dropped off Li Jian special forces troops. They fanned out and began to encircle Rezat's hilltop first and Horus's position. The wolves scrambled to reorient their defenses as the fighting shifted to gruesome infantry combat. The Z-10 gunships attempted to engage Sekhmet tanks and the wolves' fighting positions. But as they approached engagement range, the gunship's warning beacons went off as infrared MANPADs streaked from the ground towards them. Jackal Guards SPAAGs joined in swatting the Z-10s away, even scoring some hits on helicopters that came too close.
As the Jackal Guards airborne infantry crept up on the flanks of the Chinese rear area, they began to launch their assault with recoilless guns dealing death blows to tanks and vehicles guarding hastily erected fortifications. The following barrages of machine guns and rapid assault rifles fire saw the PLA troops scattered and broke en masse. At this point, the Chinese troops started to flounder and fled the scene as Colonel Zhang helplessly watched from his field HQ.
He saw the staff car of the political commissar drive towards the roadblock. And soon, it was lit up with a hail of tracer rounds and machine-gun fires from the hills. The driver swiveled the car to the hard left and overturned the vehicle as it was climbing a steep incline. "Falcon-6, this is Airwolf-6. We've taken control of Objective Uranus. I repeat, objective Uranus is ours!" Roxanna excitedly called over the coms as she crouched down behind large stones.
She heard Horus' voice coming through the line with a mix of excited and concerned tones. "Great job, Airwolf-6! That's my girl. But we're not out of the woods just yet. We need eyes on the Chinese ground reinforcements and their SAM emplacements." He instructed her, and she nodded right away with her observer. They began to map out enemy SAM emplacements, Kill Box grids for Joint Fire missions further behind the frontline.
The Chinese artillery and followed-up motorized infantry began to assault their position in the hope of retaking the high ground and opening the escape corridor. The endless showers of mortars knocked Roxanna back on her feet, falling down the hill before rolling on her back. She got back to her feet but found her LED eyes cracked from the blast. Her HUD also fizzled and glitched as she got back to her feet. It looked as though her field of vision was like a VHS static and grain glitch-ridden filter. With the occasional blurry pixels here and there.
"Not now! I don't need this right now." She hissed and gritted her teeth. She activated her map display and soared into the sky, spotting enemy towed, self-propelled artilleries and radar-guided SAMs. Then marked their positions on the real-time tactical display. Horus at this position began to mark those areas down as Kill Boxes for joint fire missions that would no doubt come. "Fal-zzzzrt-con-6! Th-zzrt-is is Airw-Zrt-olf-6, targets marked, hit them hard!" Roxanna called to him over the coms.
Horus to relay the information to the air support assets he had. First came the F-35Bs armed with ECM suites and stand-off range strike packages. They opened their internal weapon bay and fired off their anti-radiation missiles at the radar vans first. The missiles navigated by hogging the terrain towards the vans and slammed their targets. The spectacular fireballs light up the charcoal black and purple landscape. The metallic surfaces of missiles and their SAM carriages reflected the flames of the burning radar vans. There was now a gaping hole in the Chinese air defense network as the Jackal Guards exploited it. Airstrikes from US Air Force's F-15SE Silent Eagle came thundering in with JDAMs, reducing Chinese vehicle convoys to smithereens.
"Arclight 10 minutes out!" The USAF B-52 pilot spoke on the coms of the Jackal Guards. The Buffs had taken their long flight from Diego Garcia airbase in the Indian Ocean. It took them 3 hours of flying and refueling to arrive. But their looming presence alone was a morale booster. "This is Six-Packs. We're approaching Kill Box Angel, need some guidance over there. Chinks and Pharaohs all look the same from up here, over." The navigator spoke in an eerily calm tone over the radio.
"Six-Packs, this is Pathfinder-2. We're under heavy Chicom assault on a hilltop two klicks south of Kill Box Angel. You're weapons hot on target, no friendlies in that area." Archer quickly relayed the instruction. He ducked down in his foxhole and occasionally poked his head up, looking at the incoming onslaught of Chinese troops to make sure the target coordinates were still valid. The bomber crew began to egress into the Kill Box from the Southwest. They flew to the target area with the bombardier staring into the radar screen. When the enemy targets popped into the 'Black Hole.' He dropped the Buff's payload of Mk84 JDAMs on the incoming Chinese troops and their vehicles. The bombardment repeated over the next Kill Box with another B-52 strike on the PLA head, smashing the remnant of PLA forces in the river valley. Colonel Zhang helplessly watched as his command tent was soon engulfed in a fiery fireball. He and his staff became dust and ash in the blink of an eye inside an orange flaming luminary of a JDAM strike.
At this point, all semblance of a coordinated and effective PLA resistance began to crumble and shatter. They started to flee in any direction they could in all haste, tossing down their rifles, helmets, and their uniforms. Rezat emerged from the foxhole he was hiding in and saw his enemies flee like panic-stricken rats. He began to notice that most of his enemies didn't even have body armor to protect their torsos. No wonder his weapons and the Jackal Guards heavy ordinance rendered so many into unidentifiable mists. "They slogged their way up here. But took no time at all to flee..." He uttered.
"Should we even kill them at this point?" Archer profusely asked. He saw Rezat shake his head negatively. "Wait one," He replied. Rezat dialed his communication line to Horus. "Falcon-6, this is Steel Talon. Should we pursue and engage the enemies, over?" He waited for the reply, which would soon come over the line.
"Negative, all units stand down, the enemies have been beaten, check your weapons and ammo. Radio for CASEVAC and refit your units. We'll have some precious times to rest and lick our wounds for now." Horus ordered. It prompted the Scribe to smile in satisfaction in his mobile command post. Rezat and Horus would then drive along the clogged highway and charred landscape towards Roxanna's position. They saw her sitting on a rock, exhausted, with a medic going over her eyes. Horus leaped up and flew over to her, holding her hand for his wrist to glow a luminescent green light. His healing power began to manifest in the repairs of her eyes. "Roxanna! I'm glad you're alright!" He hugged her. They traded kisses before Rezat came to embrace his younger sister tenderly.
"Thanks for not leaving me hung out to dry," Roxanna remarked. To which Horus playfully scoffed and pressed a kiss on her lips, one she embraced and melted into passionately. "Come on, let's catch some breaths before we continue elsewhere," Horus spoke lovingly into her ears. They then went down to celebrate their first victory with the Ethiopian allies.
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